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Supernatural Het Fic Community

There now, steady love, so few come and don't go

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Disclaimer: This community contains fiction. Some of this fiction will be of an adult nature and therefore unsuitable for individuals under 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, do not read these posts. All fiction posted here is required to have a header warning readers of content. Read these headers and warnings. If you find something not to your tastes, then do not read it. Clicking on the link to a post implies that you have read and agree to the information stated in this disclaimer. Do not expect the community to be responsible for what you have decided to read, for we are not. No action will be taken against a post, unless the header does not sufficiently warn against the material included in the post.

By clicking on the link to a post, you agree: a) that you have read this disclaimer; b) that you are of age to read that material; c) that you are aware of, and have read, the header and warnings on the material; and d) that you do not hold the community, author, and moderator responsible for your decision to view the material.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions. Conduct yourself accordingly.

Additionally, no infringement is intended by this community, its moderator or authors. We do not own, nor do we claim ownership of Dean, Sam, John, or anything from the Supernatural universe. They belong to Eric Kripke, Warner Brothers, the CW, et al. We do not gain financially from our work and distribute it for free, purely for entertainment purposes. The community does require disclaimers on all material posted or linked, and those should be noted for additional information on specific issues involving those materials.

Sorry about that, but it's an effort to protect us all.

Looking to read and/or post het fic for the WB/CW hit Supernatural?
Well, this is the place.

Just a few rules though

1) Het fic only please. The central focus of all fics must be het. Gen has it's own comm at spn_gen. Exceptions will be made for parts of larger het fics.

2) No M/M or F/F, threesomes involving M/M or F/F, or Wincest* is allowed. This rule is not a statement against, or attack on these preferences, but a simple concept of no homosexual content in a specified heterosexual community.
*Winsister fic will be allowed since it is heterosexual content.

3) We take all ratings, just tag them with the rating and put a warning on it. All adult fiction must be appropriately flagged when posting to the community. Please warn readers of any content that others may find objectionable. This should be placed in the header (see rule 4).

4) All fic must have a header giving pairing, title, author, rating, and disclaimer. They can be in any order you like, but they all must be there. Feel free to add anything else you'd like to the header, but it must contain the five items mentioned above.

5) Please put fics behind a cut. We don't want to clog up anyone's Friends page.

6) I ask that you please use tags on your posts so it's easy to find by readers. You can add your own specific tags to the list, but please put at least a tag for the rating on your posts.

7) RPF is allowed as long as it conforms to all other rules.

8) Enjoy!

* Note: Don't worry if you get no comments. It's a fickle thing, commenting. Many people just don't do it. I know I'm guilty too, but don't let the lack of comments discourage you. Even the best writers I know go commentless at times.

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